DIY Bottle Containers


A few months ago, I decided to make a mini modern skin apothecary. My problem with my oily, sensitive skin and my budget is why I looked for the natural way of taking care of my skin.

I spent many hours online for reviews and for looking for credible suppliers of the ingredients for my skin care DIY. Being a Merchandise Buyer in a retail industry previously- supplier sourcing is a piece of cake!

And now,  I had a lot of natural ingredients at home; a lot that my vanity table looks like a kitchen table with pet bottles, tubes, ziplock bags and mini boxes of all kinds of safe and natural ingredients. I’m not complaining cause I am slowly seeing my Skin Apothecary dream come true but, I have to make it not look so dis-organised.

Budget wont permit me though, to buy mason jars so I decided to recycle empty bottles at home. It is fun and fulfilling to see boring bottles look cute and useful again.

And here’s how I make bottle containers for my DIY skin care projects:


You will need the following:


  1. Prepare the bottles you will use. You can use empty sandwich spread containers like what I did. 19417271_10211922226164401_5780786884561959925_o.jpgTip: for bottles with sticker labels, an easy way to remove them is to soak them in warm water with soap.19466391_10211922227244428_6768724025111437359_o 2. Since you will be using bottles from different brands, caps won’t look uniform. And best way to make them look all neat is through spray paint! Give them time to dry before proceeding.19452908_10211922226724415_1280874469261095899_o3.  Of course, the bottles must be labeled accordingly. You can use a chalkboard sticker you can find on dollar stores. It is easy to erase and label with another ingredient.19477438_10211922228124450_9120318835029681389_o4. Cut the sticker carefully and before sticking them to the bottle, make sure you wipe the bottle clean!19441700_10211922228924470_529216442840862136_o19442020_10211922229364481_8693620444756964489_o5. Now, label them with colorful chalks- pink, blue, white, green or whatever you like. I made the Vit E capsule look like a cat!19417608_10211922229924495_845680090288238466_o (1)

And viola! the apothecary dream is slowly coming true!


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